Tornado Drill 04/2017


Minnow all dressed up

Princess Kami

Bianca pretty in pink


Beamer looking sharp

Beamer showing off his tux

Baby Dot snug as a bug


Grand-Bully "Sofia"

Grand-Sheltie "Winnie"

Grand-Bully "Sofia"


Kami & Fletcher a tight squeeze

Grand-Pug "Isa"

Grand-Bully "Maxwell"


Just a swingin'

Harley Cosby

Cosby gone to pot


Cosby just a hangin'

Bianca is pretty in purple

Baby Dot as Swifferhead


Kami is a clown

Patra is all "dressed" up

Baby Dot on her new couch


Tillman and Davis

Davis 8 weeks

Enya & Clay - A little "tug" for two


Is the storm gone yet mom?

Um ... can ya see we're try'n ta sleep here?

I'm dressed... Can we go now?