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Ch. Doo-Shay’s Let's Roll "Beamer"


Beamer's Legend: Beamer is named after Todd Beamer, one of the heros from the 9/11 United Airlines Flight 93 attack.  He is the one who yelled out the words "LET'S ROLL" to the other passengers (hence Beamer's AKC registered name Doo-Shay's Let's Roll) after they made the brave decision to charge the terrorists on the plane where it crashed in Shanksville, PA.  My Beamer is a reminder to me of Todd Beamer and all the brave citizens who prevented further demise to our country. Bravery is such a small word to describe their actions. 9/11 is a day that should never be forgotten nor those who perished.



Doo-Shay’s Forever Fletcher  "Fletcher"